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Company Profile

Company set up time

Shenzhen KPT CNC Technology Co., Ltd. began in the 1986 family brush machinery factory,

Formal register was established in 1993, up to now has 30 years of experience in brush machinery, has developed into a collection of scientific research, design, production, maintenance, sales and system integration for the integration of high-tech enterprises.

The main production:

Strip brush machine,Single Metal Back Strip Brush Making Machine,Double band strip brush machine,Double metal back strip brush making machine,Spiral brush machine,brush making machine,brush tufting machine,3 - 7 axis single(double)color high speed brush machine,High speed broom tufting machine,High and low high hair speed brush machine,High-speed toothbrush tufting machine,High and low Toothbrush hair flat sanding machine,Twisted Brush machine,Mop machines,Brush Trimming Machine and peripheral equipment.

Technical features:

Years of industry experience and industry leading patented technologies,rigorous production process.

Self-developed control system, easy operation, mechanical technology mature and stable.

Industry-leading patent:

High and low encase hair Toothbrush tufting machine Patent number 200920135295.8   

High and low hair flying and grinding machine Patent number200920135294.3

High and low encase hair Toothbrush Patent number 200920130049.3

Automated mechanical braking device Patent Number20142011586.2

Comb teeth neat device Patent Numbe 201520066074.5

One kind of rubber comb patent number 201520066073.6

Tufting machine iron sheet feeding device Patent Number 201520066072.6

KPT household robots intelligent control system software registration number :2015SR128883.

Service tenet:

The highest quality, The most affordable price,The most sincere service