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Service guarantee:

1.Division I free for all customer training and technical personnel, and during the training provided free room and board.

2. customers ordering all the equipment in the factory must be approved by the customer is responsible for the relevant people to plant the full test machine and test the product, for all reach the requirement that equipment acceptance before delivery.

3. I sold every piece of equipment to assemble all the parts have the corresponding number and production records, a machine at the same time and attached to the customer control instructions, assembly drawing, related repair maintenance.

4. so the equipment, since the date of the machine, computer parts and mechanical parts are free warranty for one year ( except for fragile pieces ).

5. my company for every customer to establish detailed purchase archives, and in the warehouse at any time for customers to stock a number of commonly used spare parts.

6. I received in the customer complaints and emergency phone and fax, customer service department within 1 days make a phone / fax reply ( statutory holidays excepted ).

7. whether you now whether or not has become my company's contract customers, we can provide you with free technical advice, guidance.

8. my company according to customer request production model or a board service.

9. whether you are engaged in brush industry, we can for your special design and manufacture of products for CNC equipment.